Blanket Guidelines

* What we are really looking for are handmade blankets.  However, if you have a spare blanket that was store bought and is well made you may also donate that.

* Please avoid using fabrics with logos (sports teams, companies, etc.)  We hope to take blankets to all areas affected by storms, so we'd like to keep them neutral.

* We welcome any type of handmade blanket.  It can be crocheted, knitted, sewn, etc. If you do not know how to do any of these techniques, please refer to our Ideas page where there are some simple sewing and no sew instructions.

* Our primary focus are not bed size blankets, though we will accept them.  Our goal is for lap sized blankets - somewhere around 36" x 48"  They do not have to be those exact dimensions, but that is a general guideline.  They also do not have to be rectangles, squares work as well!  Just as long as they are large enough to comfortably cover a lap.

* You may donate gently used blankets.  Please do not donate blankets with worn spots, lumpy batting or holes.  Most of the items these survivers now own have plenty of battle wounds.  We are looking for clean and fresh, signifying a new beginning.

Additional guidelines may be added, but if you have a question please email me at

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