Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Beginning Thoughts...

If you are here, reading this blog and considering helping let me first say THANK YOU!  There is no way this could happen without you and friends who have been supporting me in so many ways.  This whole project was a huge leap of faith for me.  I was sure that when I started sharing the idea people would tell me it was foolish, that there were more important things that needed to be tended to first - food, water, shelter.  Obviously the physical needs of these people need to be met, which is why we will also be accepting donations of water (working out details for a donation drop off). But along with the physical need is an emotional need.  I realize a blanket will not solve the emotional anguish these people are going through, but I do hope it can be a small first step on the road to recovery.

This whole project has put me completely outside of my comfort zone (which is good) and from the start I have been praying Ephesians 3:20, "Now glory be to God!  By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope." (NLT)  I would love to see this project take off and become bigger than the small dreams I have for it now.

As much as I would love for you to donate blankets, water and even help financially, I covet your prayers even more!  Like I've said, this is something very new to me.  I've never really organized anything, so this is a huge undertaking!  Right now the biggest thing that needs prayer is making contacts in the affected areas.  While I could just blindly drive to Alabama (or whichever area) and hope to find a place to distribute the blankets, I would much rather have a specific destination!  I have people helping me with this, so I'm hoping we will begin making progress soon.

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to keep checking back, hopefully we'll be able to update details very soon!


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  1. Jenn, I am so proud of you and amazed at God's heart in you! I will definitely be praying for the right connections to be made, the right doors to open, and of course the support you need! Love you girl!