Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please Bear With Us

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One of the first things to touch us when we are born is a blanket.  As children, we often find solace in our security blankets.  On family movie nights we often snuggle together under a big, warm blanket.  There is something about a blanket that helps many people find peace, security and even hope.

What is "Wrapped With Hope"?  Basically it is my response to the devastating tornadoes that swept our nation April 27, 2011.  Looking at the pictures, I was overwhelmed by a sense of sadness and absolute helplessness.  Yes, in the recent past there have been many, many natural disasters.  But for some reason, while I was praying for the people of this most recent one, I felt like God was leading me to "Make blankets."  I don't have much to offer, and there isn't much I can do very well.  But recently I have discovered a love of sewing and I feel like it is a small way I can help.  My prayer is that others will join with me in making blankets for people who probably have very little hope in their lives right now.

The idea behind the name, "Wrapped with Hope" is very simple.  I dream of  people wrapping these blankets around them and having a renewed sense of hope.  That while they are currently facing seemingly unsurmountable challenges, they will make it through, they will be able to go on.  The blanket is also like a virtual hug from it's creator, showing them love, support and compassion; cheering them on as they begin the restoration process.

I know there is a significant need for shelter, food, water, and clothing.  I'm not blind to that.  But I felt the strong need to let these people know that there are people who care for them.  People who cry with them and want to help them.  My hope is to spread that by collecting handmade blankets and distributing them to people who have lost everything.  I have many hopes for these blankets, which may seems strange, but I do.  So, here they are...

My Hopes:
*The blankets can bring at least a moment of peace and security.  That people can wrap themselves up in a beautiful, clean, handmade blanket and know people care for them.
*That the people who receive the blankets will have a sense of ownership and an anchor to help them through the long, difficult process of rebuilding their lives.
*One of the most heart breaking things I read was a woman explaining how she had lost all of her family heirlooms.  I have recently received my great-great grandmother's china, and I can't imagine the blow it would be to lose such an important part of my family's history.  I hope these blankets may one day be passed down and be a small start to rebuilding a family history.

Is that a lot to expect out of a blanket?  Possibly.  But I don't believe it is too much, or I wouldn't be doing it.

As things progress, there will be more specific information regarding the blankets - dimensions, tutorials, what we will accept, deadlines, and other ways to help.  Please bear with me as I am still working out details (including how to get the blankets to their final location) and have never taken on a project like this, so there is a pretty steep learning curve!

Thank-you so much for reading this and considering helping me.  If you have any ideas or information to share, please feel free to email me at .  Comments are welcome, just keep them nice please!


P.S. - You do not have to know how to sew to participate.  I will be linking up blanket tutorials that are "no-sews".  So please do not let that be a deterrent!